Design mission

We design holistic, consistent, intuitive, accessible experiences and interfaces that offer value to existing and new Heroku customers. We champion our users — we channel their needs, behaviours, and motivations and provide insight into how they use the products we design.

Team Commitment to Each Other

We succeed and fail together, no one is an island. We will work with each other to ask for help and share our knowledge to grow and strengthen the team — we all get better when we help each other.

We will acknowledge and respect our peers, their opinions, and the value of their work. We will be thoughtful in our communication and give, receive, and resolve critique gracefully with the intention of producing the best possible user experience.

We also work closely with the marketing design team to ensure alignment of the brand and consistency of user experience.

Our team

We are a fairly distributed team, headed by Roberta in San Francisco. We are each embedded in feature teams across the organization but collectively share a vision as one design team.

We're always open to Herokai — you can share your thoughts and make your requests in our Slack room or by emailing the team.

For marketing, brand or external requests, contact the Marketing team via Slack.

#design on Slack



Marketing design
Shibori is an HTML/CSS library used across marketing pages and web properties, such as Elements and WWW


Atomic css system
Purple is the CSS library we use for products, including customer facing properties such as Dashboard and Data


Icon Library
Malibu is the icon sprite we use across Heroku, containing scalable version of common icons to use in all our products